slip n’ slide

You’re a senior at a local prep school.  It’s your last official day of class.  You’ve had four (six in this school’s case) years of trials and tribulations, ups and downs, good times and bad times, all that.

What better way to celebrate your impending freedom to go out and learn at a higher learning institution than a SLIP N’ SLIDE! YEAH.

But as was the case for Westminster Prep School seniors last Friday, first you get to play a faculty vs. seniors volleyball game, in which you crush your 11th grade algebra teacher in the face with the ball.  Then on your way to the slip n’ slide, you get to run all over the soccer field with the sprinklers on, as a sort of warmup to the drenchedness that you are about to experience. And finally you make it to the baseball field, where proud moms have set up a tent with fruits and cookies and other goodies (where are the Jello shots?) to accompany a solid hour of forming a line, running, jumping, sliding, forming a line, running, jumping, sliding, formi…you get the idea.

Seniors last day fun.  Before you have to go out and do something with yourself. Good luck.

From left, Rebecca Shine, Jim McPhail and Charlotte Thornton ride down the slip n' slide during the Westminster seniors' last day, Friday, May 7, 2010, in Augusta, Ga. Festivities also included a faculty/seniors volleyball game and a sprinkler run on the soccer field. RAINIER EHRHARDT/STAFF

This was an outtake.  Another version made the paper as a standalone on page 2a of Saturday’s paper.  And although I decided on the other one because it was cleaner (background) and was easier to read, I really like the girl on the right’s legs up.  It looks more like a moment.  But the background on the left is messy and any photographer who knows me, knows I’m a background Nazi.  So it’s new home is here.



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