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The first image. It’s special.

Ok, I’ll start with an easy one for the first photo post.  I’ll combine my love of things that go fast with things that capture the speed of light…aaannnd also how filthy my car is.  Shameful (but kind of cool at the same time maybe? In a redneck way perhaps?)

Usually bright blue, my car is in serious need of a bath. The dirt's caked on so much that recent rain only made a small dent in the filthiness.

 Aiken county, just over the Savannah River from Augusta, is full of dirt roads.  And since I have a Subaru with AWD, I’ll make massive detours on the way back from an assignment just to drive sideways down a twisty country dirt road.  Maybe I’m channeling my inner rally driver or I’ve been living in the south too long and I’m only two dirt treks away from calling it ” Off Roadin’ ”  Either way, I’ve discovered some pretty neat stuff at the end of dirt roads.  More on that tomorrow.