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2010 Masters in the can.

It’s done. Finished. Finito. I ate my last Masters Club sandwich smuggled out of the press center.  Do you think it had gone bad?  Probably.  But it was oh so good.  And I’m not sick yet, so…

The 2010 Masters was fantastic and had a little something for everyone.  From the overdramatized Tiger return story, to a true family guy persevering to take a convincing win.

This was the first Masters that I’ve seen where the eventual winner didn’t win because everyone else around him fell apart, kind of “the guy who sucked least.”  No, this year, it was more of a classic Masters tournament, the kind I’d heard about, where great golfers pull out great golf shots and make runs for the lead.  It was exciting.

With so many great golf shots, came great photo shots as well, from our Chronicle staff.  Mickelson’s eagle heard around the world on 14 was captured by Corey and the sequence ran on the front page the next day. I’m pretty sure we were the only publication to have that picture.  Zach had a good shot from Monday when Tiger, Couples and Furyk skipped their balls across the water on 16 during their practice round (a family tradition!) And from Sunday, we had Phil’s winning reaction covered from all angles on 18.  Jackie had a nice frame of him raising his arms with the crowd in focus behind him and him out of focus.  She says she didn’t do it on purpose and that it was the autofocus going in and out, but I think she’s being a bit modest.  It’s a different look on a nice moment.  Here’s my take on the same moment in time:

Phil Mickelson wins the 2010 Masters with a birdie putt on 18 during the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club, Sunday, April 11, 2010. RAINIER EHRHARDT/STAFF

The Masters really brings out the golf-liker (lover’s too strong of a word) in me.  I watch highlights from the tournaments leading up to the April major, just to get myself back into the swing of things (so to speak).  I also found myself sneaking a few peeks at the PGA tournament at Hilton Head this weekend, a week after the Masters.  Call it a residual effect.

But it’s easy to understand why we (photogs) love Masters week so much.  Best example comes from this Masters Sunday breakfast in the Clubhouse restaurant, paid for by the Chronicle.  Not that the food’s really that great, but the hashbrowns taste just that much better when you can look out through the big oak tree from the second floor dining room and see thousands of people in their Sunday best, watching the biggest names in golf tee off in the greatest golf event in the world.  It’s special.

Below is our traditional Masters group photo in front of the scoreboard.  We all look noticeably warmer than in previous years.

The Augusta Chronicle photo staff group photo at the Masters. From left, Mike Holahan, Corey Perrine, editor Sean Moores, Jackie Ricciardi, Rainier Ehrhardt, Zach Boyden-Holmes, Dede Smith, from our sister paper in Jacksonville, Fla., and bossman John Curry.