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Apocalyptic hurricane?

One spring day in 2008, on my way to an assignment, a thunderstorm rolled through town.  It was gone in only a few minutes, but the downpour was enough for a motorcyclist to stop under an overpass to put on rain gear.  As he put on his jacket and examined the sky, he pointed out to me that it looked like an apocalyptic hurricane blowing through.  I don’t really know what an apocalyptic hurricane would look like, but I guess this is it.

John Pyrant, of North Augusta, S.C., looks at the sky from under the Interstate 520 overpass as he puts on rain gear before heading back out into a thunderstorm on his motorcycle, Wednesday, May 28, 2008, in North Augusta, S.C. RAINIER EHRHARDT/STAFF

To be honest, I don’t remember if this photo ever ran in The Augusta Chronicle.  But either way, it’s got a new home now.