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Play on shadows

Feature hunting is one of those things.  The old time killer and newspaper filler.  It’s feast or famine usually because you either roll up on something decent or there’s nothing around to shoot.  Plus it’s not like an actual assignment where you really have to try hard to make something because you know a writer is putting together a story and it’s your job to illustrate whatever it is.  Nevermind if it’s just some lawyer (no offense to lawyers) behind a desk doing paperwork.  Figure something out. You’re the visual guy, do it.

No, feature hunting is what you make of it.  It’s either awesome or there’s nothing there.  It’s awesome this time of year, especially on the first nice days of spring when everyone wants to work/play/be outside.  Every few hundred yards there’s someone doing something.  Today, I came across two decent features within thirty seconds of each other on Walton Way.  These days are like shooting fish in a barrel.  There’s no looking necessary, they’re all around you.

Academy of Richmond County's JROTC Drill Team practices in the school parking lot, Monday, March 8, 2010, in Augusta, Ga. Rainier Ehrhardt/Staff

Yes, the photo is upside down.  It didn’t run in the paper that way, but I prefer the long shadows looking like they’re the ones marching.  Does it not remind you (vaguely maybe?) of some cold war, North Korean-ish communist propaganda painting?  You know, the kind that portrays a group of farmers staring hopefully into the distance but holding up guns instead of farming tools?  Maybe it’s the non-descript nature of the shadows (no faces, no distinguishable characteristics apart from human-looking shapes) that force your brain to invent something in their place.  Or maybe they’re just members of a JROTC Drill Team marching in the afternoon sun.